Government Pavilion Stage

Join us Tuesday through Thursday mid-day at booth space 4105 in the Government Pavilion to hear government representatives discuss what they need from industry as well as how industry can find more business opportunities. This is a rare opportunity to interact with the personnel that are implementing the Community’s programs. We’ll see you at the Government Pavilion Stage in Booth 4105.

Sponsored by DigitalGlobe & Accenture

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Tuesday 15 April | 1400-1700 | Booth 4105

1400-1445: NGA Strategy and Future Vision

1445-1515: Immersive Intelligence

1515-1615: Small Business Opportunities in Defense and Intelligence

1615-1715: DIA’s IC ITE Migration

Wednesday 16 April | 1300-1600 | Booth 4105

1300-1330: Online Customer Service

1330-1400: Map of the World

1400-1430: The Information Sharing Environment

1430-1500: Homeland Security

1500-1600: Small Business Opportunities in the Tampa Bay Area

Thursday 17 April | 1300-1600 | Booth 4105

1300-1330: Landsat, the National Geospatial Program (NGP) and the Civil Application Committee’s Global Fiducials Program

1330-1400: Intelligence Integration

1400-1430: Activity-Based Intelligence

1430-1500: Revolutionizing the NGA Industry Relationship

1500-1600: Service Intel and Production Centers