Questions about the Symposium? We have answers ...

January 8, 2014

Dear GEOINT 2013* Attendees & Exhibitors,

We are excited to officially announced the dates and re-open housing and registration for the GEOINT 2013* Symposium, which will take place 14-17 April 2014 in Tampa, FL.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we’ve sorted out the details from the unexpected but unavoidable postponement of the October event.

We know many of you still have questions, and we’ve tried to address most of them in this revised FAQ section.


Q. So, when does the Symposium take place?
A. The GEOINT 2013* Symposium is April 14-17, 2014.

Q. And it is still in Tampa?
A. Yes. We have the same venue for the Allder Golf Classic, GEOINT Foreword, General Sessions and the Exhibit Hall.

Q. Will the agenda change?
A. A little bit. For instance, we have already reconfirmed DNI Clapper, NGA Director Long, NRO Director Sapp, USSOCOM Commander ADM McRaven, and authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. We are also getting some other speakers who couldn’t attend in October; LTG Flynn, DIA Director, is now able to attend and confirmed be a keynote speaker. We also might lose a keynote speaker or panelist, but we are working to keep the great agenda similar.

Q. What about the theme for the symposium?
A. The theme for the Symposium will continue to be “Operationalizing Intelligence for Global Missions.”

Q. And what is with that asterisk?
A. So, you’ve noticed the asterisk. Since the Symposium was postponed as opposed to cancelled, we’ve kept the year 2013 and added an asterisk to the logo. Plus, we’ll avoid wasteful spending by simply adhering asterisks to all of the great signage that we already printed and shipped to Tampa in late September. Embrace the asterisk!

Q. Isn’t this school vacation week in Virginia?
A. Yes, it is indeed for many Northern Virginian students. USGIF has been working with the Tampa-area attractions to line up some great discounts for you and your families. The hotels also are offering the conference rate for those who wish to come down a little early. We hope you’ll come down with your family and take in all that the Tampa Bay Area has to offer.


Q. Do I have to rebook my room?
A. Yes, all guests who booked within the official Symposium hotel block will have to rebook.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get back into the same hotel within the official block?
A. We can neither guarantee you will get into the same hotel nor a reservation within the official block. Although the hotels have been fantastic to work with in rescheduling the postponed symposium, they also had other commitments that did not allow them to provide the same total number of hotel rooms as before. We are giving guests who held October reservations an advance opportunity to rebook before opening up the hotels to everyone.

Q. I had a reservation in October, how can I ensure I take advantage of this opportunity.
A. If you made a hotel reservation for October within the Symposium’s official hotel block, you will receive an email with instructions from our registration and housing company J. Spargo. If you haven’t received this message, please feel free to contact:

GEOINT Symposium Housing Center
c/o J. Spargo & Associates, Inc.
Phone: 866-849-9827
Fax: 703-562-9049

Q. What if I am a new attendee or exhibitor or I wasn’t in the official block in October but would like to be in April?
A. Housing will open to everyone on Monday, Jan. 20. We cannot guarantee hotel rooms will still be available in the official hotel block on this date, as we are giving guests who held October reservations an advance opportunity to rebook first. However on January 20, we will provide the registration link if hotel rooms are still available and alternate hotel options if the official block is sold out.


Q. Do I have to re-register for GEOINT 2013* in April?
A. If you were registered for the October dates and didn’t request a refund after the postponement.

Q. If I was registered for October but the new dates don’t work for my schedule, can I still get a refund?
A. Yes, you can still request a refund until 11:59 p.m. Friday, Jan. 17.

Q. How do I start a new registration for GEOINT 2013* if I was never registered, or if I received a refund for October?
A. You can register for GEOINT 2013* online

Q. How do I request a refund?
A. Refund requests should be submitted in writing to Requests based on scheduling conflicts with the April GEOINT Symposium dates must be received on or before January 17, 2014, to be eligible. Requests received on or after January 17, 2014, are ineligible for refund.

Q. Can I make a substitution at no cost if I am unable to support the new dates?
A. Yes, we will happily support substitutions. Please send your substitution requests in writing to

Q. What happens if I cancel my registration now and later learn I’m available to attend?
A. Please note that all new registrations will be at the onsite rate. If you receive a refund/cancelation for your existing registration and then rebook, you will pay a higher fee.

Q. I canceled my registration before the Symposium because something came up. Now I can attend in April 2014. Do I have to pay the entire registration fee again?
A. USGIF will allow you before January 17, 2014, to repay the difference between your refund and the full-symposium registration price should you have canceled and now wish to reactivate your registration.

Q. What if my organization used a Member discount code to register for the conference, but the USGIF membership is going to expire before the new dates? Will I have to pay more?
A. No. Although we hope you’ll renew your membership, we will honor any existing Member comp codes/registrations made for the original dates of the Symposium.


Q. Now that GEOINT 2013 has been postponed, what happens to the monies paid for booth space, sponsorships, advertising and meeting rooms?
A. All monies paid for booth space, sponsorships, advertising and meeting rooms will be transferred to the new GEOINT Symposium dates. If this is an issue, please contact:
Jeffrey T. Ley, CEM, CMM
Vice President, Business Development and Exhibitions
703-793-0109 x102

Q. Will my booth space be in the same location?
A. Due to a significantly different move-in schedule, USGIF has had to redraw the floor plan and have companies re-select their booth location. So, no, the booths will not be in the same locations.

Q. Will I need to sign a new contract for booth space, sponsorships, advertising, or meeting rooms?
A. USGIF is in the process of sending out pre-populated contracts for booth space, sponsorships, advertising and meeting rooms. This will include the new booth location selection, as well as the sponsorships, meeting rooms, and advertisements from the October event that have transferred to the April event.

Q. Will exhibitors need to submit a new certificate of insurance?
A. Yes, all that is needed is a change in dates. The indemnities and terms of the insurance do not change.

Q. Can I supply a new exhibitor profile for the event guide?
A. Yes, USGIF will contact you in advance of the event to confirm the profile you have provided.

Q. Can I supply new artwork for my advertisement in the event guide or Show Daily?
A. Yes, USGIF will contact you in advance of the event to confirm the artwork you wish to use.

Q. I have signed up for a sponsorship and know USGIF has ordered items to fulfill the sponsorship. Is anything additional required on my part?
A. No, the sponsorship deliverables will automatically transfer to the new GEOINT Symposium dates.


Q. When will we be able to re-order our show services?
A: Your personal account manager (PAM) from The Expo Group will reach out to each exhibiting organization to help select your show services.

Q: When will the Exhibitor Service Manual be available?
A: The exhibitor service manual will be available beginning on January 17, 2014.

Q: Will my login information for the online ESM change?
A: Your login will be the exact same login as was used for ordering in October.


Q: So, this answered most of my questions, but I still have a few more. Where can I go?
A. Sorry, we couldn’t answer all your questions here. But we welcome you to email us at or call USGIF at 1-888-698-7443. For housing and registration specific questions, you should email or call J. Spargo & Associates Inc., our GEOINT Symposium Housing & Registration Center. You can call 866-849-9827 or email and Thank you.